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Published on June 17th, 2013 | by Chris Scott


In Theaters – June 21, 2013

As we near the halfway point of the summer movie season, Hollywood has decided to give us some variety to counteract the comic book godness that has dominated the box office so far this year. ~Chris


Book-to-Film adaptations are often some of the hardest films to gauge. Many times the source material is too dense to accurately be brought to the big screen and while some get it right, like Peter Jackson with Lord of the Rings, many others fail miserably, like anyone not named Frank Darabont attempting to adapt a Stephen King novel. And the more popular the source material, the more chance for fan criticism to hit hard and fast. This is the reaction World War Z is facing even before it has hit theaters. The beloved Max Brooks novel about the events of a zombie apocalypse has such a unique structure that the Hollywood approach, starring Brad Pitt, seems to many like it won’t do the source material justice. Despite loving the book and understanding the concern from hardcore fans, I am hoping that the film can stand on its own merits as a smart horror film.


In case you ever wondered how exactly Sully and Mike, the stars of Pixar’s Monsters Inc., got to where they are in life, Monsters University looks to set the record straight. Considering the toddler Boo was the best thing about Monsters Inc. I am not holding out great hope for this one. However, with no real family movies in theaters since Dreamworks Epic, this should do brisk business at the box office.

Limited Release:


The Bling Ring



Are you heading out to the theater this week? What are you seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

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