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Published on January 25th, 2016 | by Staff


On the Radar: January 26th, 2016

The release list is back! With a new name, and now two people working on it (me ~Chris S.), this should be a more robust, flavor-rich recipe so we hope you get a little out of it each week. January usually isn’t a big time for games, but there’s actually quite a few games coming out this week, especially on PC. But, while most of those seem like niche titles, there’s a few rather exciting games, depending on your preferred genres. And if not, there’s always your backlog from 2015..  ~Don P.

A long time has passed since I played a game seriously on my 2DS. Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS) is about to be that game. Explorers is a spin-off Final Fantasy title, which can be hit or miss. But certain spin-offs I’ve fallen in love with, like the Tactics series and Dissidia. But Explorers is taking a stab at the Monster Hunter formula; accept quest, kill monster, gather loot, return, craft stuff, repeat. While it shares the same framework, Final Fantasy Explorers has a cast of characters and enemies from the series many of us grew up with, and turns the intensity down just a tad. Hopefully, Final Fantasy Explorers is as good is it sounds on paper.

ontheradar012616thiswarofmineOur good friend Corey, had nothing but good things to say about This War of Mine when it released on PC back in 2014. Now with This War of Mine: The Little Ones (PS4, Xbox One), it comes to consoles and maybe I’ll finally take a chance to take on this grim game of survival in a war torn city.  

OnTheRadar012616ROBLOXI remember when I first heard of ROBLOX (Xbox One), I saw some kids playing it, having a blast. Basically it’s a large free-to-play sandbox world made up of blocky avatars with several mini-games, and it makes its way over to Xbox One this week. 15 mini-games will be available at launch, with more to come. Also, it’s free-to-play, so that’s a plus.  
ontheradar012616thewitnessJonathan Blow’s The Witness (PC, PS4) has been in development for what seems like forever. To be honest, I almost forgot that this was a thing. I assumed it had become vaporware. Instead it seems to Blow’s take on Mist, which could be very cool. Or it could be $40 worth of pretentious garbage. Who can say? Jeff will find out for us this week.  


I’m slightly confused by the seemingly random release of LEGO Marvel Avenger’s (Just About Everything). I mean, generally the LEGO games coincide with some sort of movie release but The Avengers: Age of Ultron released last summer and Captain America: Civil War doesn’t hit for another four months, so this January release has me scratching my head. Anyway, there is no denying that the last LEGO game featuring The Avengers was awesome. That game really nailed the open world with LEGO characters feel and the little blocky superheroes were great fun to play with. If LEGO Marvel Avengers’s can recapture the good from that game, we’re in for a gloriously fun time sink.

OnTheRadar012616PitstopChallengeSimulation enthusiasts can try out there hand with leading a pit crew in Pitstop Challenge (PC) this week. With several teams to represent, and decent graphics to boot, Pitstop Challenge might be a win for those into niche sim titles.
ontheradar012616riseofthetrIf you didn’t have an Xbox One last holiday, you missed out on one of the best games from last year. But Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC) will be there for PC gamers and with the added PC horsepower, it should be the best looking version of the game.
OnTheRadar012616AIPDThis release list will have it all. Weird-looking free-to-play games, quasi-MMOs, and even bright, neon-lit twin-stick shooters. AIPD (Xbox One) is a colorful game that, from images I saw remind me of Asteroids. On acid. But, unlike Asteroids, AIPD is same-screen co-op. The world needs more couch co-op games, especially ones that cost $9.99.

Also available –

Knight Online (PC)
Maximum Override (PC)
Rescue from Goblin Deep (PC)
Swiftly (PC)
World’s Dawn (PC)
Hero Defense – Haunted Island (PC)
The Order of the Throne – The King’s Challenge (PC)
Echo Tokyo: Intro (PC)
Hound’s: The Last Hope (PC)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII (Japanese) (PC)
Cubixx HD (PC)
Eventide: Slavic Fable (PC)
FullBlast (PC)
Nemesis of the Roman Empire (PC)
Plantera (PC)
Rabi-Rabi (PC)
The Lost Mythologies (PC)
The Slaughter: Act One (PC)
AiPD- Artificial Intelligence Police Department (PC)
Bombshell (PC)
Defunct (PC)
Duplexer (PC)
Habitus (PC)
Medieval Playground (PC)
Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO (PC)
Take the Dream IX (PC)
Shadow Puppeteer (Wii U)

Are you picking up anything this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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