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Published on February 9th, 2015 | by Don Parsons


Video Game Releases Week of February 10th

I’m sure everyone can admit: it’s been a nice break having some breathing room when it comes to new games coming out. I got to catch up on Grand Theft Auto V (again), Destiny, and beat the Elite 4 in Pokemon Omega Ruby. I even banked a million gold in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But here we are, two weeks into February and the release list is back. This week, Nintendo takes a strong lead (I guess) with a new handheld and a few games to play on it. So here’s the main focal points for the week if you are looking for something new to play… — Don P.


The fun part about this first release is that I have not played any of the betas, nor have I read much about it. The only thing I know about Evolve (Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4) is that it’s made by the studio from Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock. Zombies are so yesteryear, despite dozens of zombie games coming out every year, so Evolve pits four players against another playing a monster. Being as the enemy is player-controlled, I can see how it will be more dynamic than AI-controlled enemies, but with only a small selection of monsters, I’m hoping there is some additional, longer-term hook. I’ll find out, as I will be playing it on Xbox One soon after launch.

Releases08_New3DS Of course Nintendo would release the New 3DS within a year of me buying a 2DS. More power, a silly looking nub at the top right to simulate another analog stick (thought it looks very uncomfortable), and more confusion for poor parents that are not knowledgeable about the things they buy their children. One day, maybe Nintendo will stop being lazy with names. Maybe.
Releases08_MH4UI played the demo to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) and was not very impressed. I only played for a few minutes, but as an archer, I was having a hard time with the weapon. The controls didn’t feel very intuitive without a second (actual) analog stick to look around easily. But it’s Monster Hunter, so me not “getting it” is not going to cause it to not sell.
Releases08_ZeldaNintendo can’t release a console or handheld without releasing something awesome alongside it to get people more excited. Ocarina of Time was a hit, and now the cult following for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mark 3D (3DS) can join in on the fun. Luckily, it’s not exclusive to the New 3DS.


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