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Published on November 6th, 2015 | by Don Parsons


Dear Bungie, Thanks for Making Gjallarhorn Obsolete

Dear Bungie,

Thank you for making my beloved Gjallarhorn rocket launcher obsolete. During Year 1 of Destiny, I missed out sampling almost every exotic weapon because I was fortunate enough to have randomly decoded a Gjallahorn from an engram very early on during my adventures. After a quick sampling of what this beast was capable of, it was nearly always equipped. On a few occasions, I would swap in Icebreaker for Nightfall Strikes, but me and Gjallahorn were partners for life. Or so I thought.

Since breaking down my trusty Gjallarhorn in Year 2, I have had the pleasure to sample some great (and a few mediocre) exotic weapons in Destiny. My new favorite is certainly Sleeper Stimulant when I need something to hit hard. With the Sleeper, I can watch my companions chip away at a boss’s health bar and then see a chunk get destroyed when that laser reams them.


Sleeper Stimulant is great, but not as nasty as Gjallarhorn was, so this heavy weapon doesn’t stay equipped. I’m much more apt to sample other exotic weapons on the rare occasion that I get them, even opting to try out a few of the special weapons. While I was disappointed with both The Hereafter sniper rifle and The 4th Horseman shotgun, I found a new found love for Invective all over again. Invective was, in fact, my very first exotic weapon in Year 1, so even though I broke it down not too long after maxing it out, it still has a reserved corner in my heart.

I still haven’t had a chance to try every new exotic, but the fact that you made Gjallarhorn pretty useless in everyday play has made me a happy player. Had that powerful rocket launcher carried over, I would not care as much about those nifty little Three of Coins, and to be quite honest, I’m not sure if I would have tumbled back into an addict that needs more engrams to survive. I have a plate full of reviews, and I want to do is go home, and run the Nightfall, followed by several strikes, so I can find more exotic engrams.

Again, thanks Bungie.

Don P.

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