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Published on September 3rd, 2015 | by Don Parsons


Three Reasons Why I’m Not a Metal Gear Fan

Metal Gear Solid is a series people tend to love passionately. But then there are people like me, and we just, well, we don’t get it. Sure I’ve spent a little bit of time trying to get to know the game and characters, but nothing ever clicked. I won’t lie though, when I first saw the reveal for Metal Gear Solid V, I got a little excited despite all of my dislike for the series. That being said, let me touch on a few reasons I’m not a Metal gear fan.


1. The story

The military story never tugged at any strings in me. I only dabbled in a few of the earlier, Playstation 2 games, but nothing ever resonated with me. I didn’t care about the happenings, or the characters. Nothing every grabbed me or touched me on a personal level. Most importantly, I couldn’t identify with anyone, which is a surefire way to get me interested. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s poor story-telling or writing, just nothing got my attention. Plenty of games I have enjoyed have this problem, but the next two reasons are more important in terms of why I don’t play Metal Gear Solid games.

2. Long, I mean LONG, cut-scenes and story segments

When you don’t enjoy the story in the first place, this tends to kill the entire game, even if you like the gameplay. I heard about some of those cut-scenes in Metal Gear Solid IV. I wouldn’t touch that game with a ten-foot stick because of that reason. If I am playing a game I like, and get involved in a long, drawn-out story section, I try to skip the scene by rapidly pressing the A/X button.


3. I’m not a stealthy guy

This is the kicker though, because even if I didn’t like the story, and the long story sections were skippable, I still do not like Metal Gear Solid because it is primarily a “let’s sneak around and try not to get the guards involved” game. That’s not me. If I’m not sniping from a distance, I am kicking doors down and shooting people with shotguns. Sneaking past one or two people, sure, but a game based on stealth is not going to be my strong suite.

I could live with, and possibly enjoy a game with one of these “problems”, maybe even two of them, but all three combined make me keep my distance from the Metal Gear Solid series. The series is just not for me, which is fine, there are tons of fans out there stoked for, and enjoying the latest entry.

How do you feel about the franchise? What are you most liked/disliked parts of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Chris Scott

    I’m very much not a stealth guy but the story, and the excess of it, are what draws me to the series. My Snake always leaves a trail of bodies behind him though as he is literally the worst stealth operative ever to be greenlit on a mission.

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