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Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Don Parsons


Vita Wishlist 2013

At Gamescom this year, Sony mentioned a littany of games coming to the Vita in the coming months. Two of those games, Borderlands 2 and Rogue Legacy, were on this list originally, I was just a few days late finishing it up. Shame on me, right? Yet, the Vita’s lineup is still a little light on the protein, so I still have a list of games I would love to see make their way to Sony’s handheld.


WWE 2K14

I remember how the PSP got all sorts of ports, especially with sports games. The thing is, I really enjoyed most of them. We aren’t getting Madden 25 on Vita this year, and it doesn’t look like we have any sports games on the horizon either.

WWE 2K14 is Take-Two Interactive’s first use of the WWE license, and the game looks great. Now, let’s port that over to the Vita and get me some handheld sports games. One of the last wrestling games on the PSP had a lot of play time in my system, and I am in need of some handheld sports action.


I am all for pixelated, retro awesomeness on the Vita. I spent many more hours playing Retro City Rampage on my Vita than the Playstation 3. I felt the controls were tighter, and the game was perfect for gaming on the go. I think this optimal platform situation would carry over similarly well with Monaco. Lacking a proper controller, my brief time with this pixelated game of thievery was not ideal, much like my limited time with Hotline Miami (read my Vita review here).

This ultra-bright action-stealth game would look amazing on the OLED Vita screen and be a great pick up and play title. With more indie devs on board with the Vita, hopefully this one comes true.


SOCOM Confrontation 2

I’ve played a lot of memorable PS3 games, but one of my favorites still is SOCOM: Confrontation. Keep in mind, I didn’t play this game at launch, which I heard was simply horrible and and the game utterly broken. My memories of Confrontation are of absolute teamwork, pure tactical gameplay, and an unmatched tension I have yet to experience elsewhere. Then SOCOM 4 came out and just ruined everything.

SOCOM: Confrontation 2 would ideally be on the PlayStation 3/4 but after SOCOM 4 they might not want to drop such a big budget. I would then love SOCOM on Vita with a compartmentalized single player for playing on the go and some serious, no-respawn multiplayer when I’m home. And the mic is built into the system, so there’s no excuse for not communicating. Give me some of the maps from the first Confrontation, too.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

This is another mobile game, with no real barrier preventing it from being ported to Vita. It’s an homage to getting together with s group of friends and adventuring through a game like dungeons and dragons together.

I bought this effort on my phone and played it quite a bit. Not killing my phone’s battery would be a lovely bonus, and a nice set of trophies (ie. driving force) would have me playing this little grind fest again in a heartbeat.


Europa Universalis IV

Oh yes, I went there. There are just times I crave some serious strategic depth and also want to be comfortable in bed. Sure, my laptop is portable, but not comfortably portable. Having the power to rule a country in the palm of my hands makes me excited and giggly just thinking about it. Well, by giggly, I mean laughing maniacally. All rulers do that, right? Not just me?

Replacing the mouse with a simple touch interface and time controls like pausing tied to buttons, EU4 would be a dream come true on the Vita.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown

I’ve mentioned it multiple times, but X-COM: Enemy Unknown is one of my favorite games of 2012. The depth of gameplay is simply in a class of it’s own, and the replayability is fantastic. When I heard they ported this fine strategy game to the iOS, I had a glimmer of hope that the Vita might get its first epic strategy game. Saving the world, on the way to work – sounds satisfying, right?

Is there anything you would like to see on the Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Chris Scott

    I’m not entirely sure what I want on the Vita but I don’t think it is any of these games. I am looking forward to Batman in October and would love a new, Vita specific, Ratchet game. And maybe Final Fantasy HD could release sometime in the near future, that would be nice.

  • PSfan

    I do respect the list but my wish-list is completely different….

    1) Bioshock Vita. We have Kevin Levine who want to create a game for Vita and for some reason Sony just hasn’t been able to finish the ongoing negotiations with 2k. I am still hoping this game will come to Vita, it’d be a game changer.

    2) Gravity Rush 2. As far as I know the producer sort of confirmed the sequel but we haven’t heard anything from them yet. I am expecting some sort of announcement at TGS because Gravity Rush is an awesome Vita game

    3) Another Uncharted from the bend studio. Golden Abbys was the reason I picked up my vita and it was a delightful experience. I am hoping they are doing something great for Vita.

    4) A proper sport-simulation port. Fifa soccer was great but EA did nothing to improve since then and they are releasing the same game with different rosters each year ( same with Fifa 14, just don’t waste your money on that ). Madden wasn’t even okay, it was just so badly done…. I hoped 2k would release an NBA game but I am still hoping they will do a great port once Vita sales pick up in US.

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