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Published on December 22nd, 2015 | by Don Parsons


WWE 2K16 – CSW Ep. 3 – Money in the Bank 2015

Money in the Bank time! I always enjoy seeing who is going to win the match that the card is named after, as that’s usually an indication on who is going to be champ within the next year. And then it boils down to anticipating when they will cash it in. At CSW, it should not be any different. While I don’t manipulate the card, I am given the option on when to cash that suitcase in. So who will win this guaranteed title shot?

Before we begin, feel free to read an introduction into Critically Sane Wrestling here, and check the results to the previous PPV (Payback) here.


Match 1: Seth Rollins def. Jack Swagger to retain the United States Championship

In a match I didn’t really want to enjoy because, well, Jack Swagger, I ended up liking the finish quite a bit. Swagger got in more offense than I anticipated (I played Rollins, by the way), and even hit his finisher once. But a superplex to the outside and then Pedigree later and Rollins retained.

Match 2: Paige def. Brie Bella by DQ, Bella retains the Divas Championship

Paige dominated Brie from the beginning, with no offense from Bella. To retain, Bella lured Paige outside the ring and smashed her with a baseball bat. I played Brie Bella and felt that was a fitting finish to lead up to a rematch, if it works out that way (I don’t set the cards, remember).

Match 3: Kevin Nash def. Steven Regal by count out

This feud has been going on awhile at this point, and both have respect for one another (shown before and after the matches by them shaking hands and what not). I played as Nash and dropped Regal through the announcer table to get an accidental countout. Whoops. It was a sweet jackknife powerbomb, though!


Match 4: Randy Savage def. Ryback to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Nothing much here from these two this time, as the feud grows tired. I, well Randy Savage, dominated Ryback with two top rope elbows. Ryback didn’t get a single finisher in, which made me happy. Have I mentioned I can’t stand Ryback?

Match 5: Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship

This feud, on the other hand, is intense. Orton put it to bed, though, with two punt kicks and an RKO. Orton dominated in the beginning, but Bryan made a crazy comeback before getting bloodied and taking a minor injury, as well as a loss.

Match 6: Rusev def. Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

I was a little worried about this one, and almost picked Mark Henry to take a planned loss. But I prevailed as Rusev. I’m trying to build Rusev back into the monster he was before and have some plans if I can keep him champion. Anyhow, standard fare for the match, but the finish was cool. Rusev hit the Accolade but Henry got to the ropes to stop the submission so Rusev pinned him.


Match 7: Luke Harper def. Undertaker, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Erik Rowan, and Roman Reigns to win the Money in the Bank briefcase

This was a shocking match. I was afraid something like this would happen though. I played as Bray Wyatt, and almost had the briefcase twice. Once, I was left hanging mid-air after they knocked the ladder down but I dropped without the briefcase. Shortly after, Harper set the ladder up and had a hold on the briefcase. Wyatt gets up, and hits the ladder, but Harper comes down with the prize in hand.

No major changes, but a few tired feuds are put to bed. Okay, well, a new MITB winner is kind of a big deal. So we’ll see how that plays out. I have some plans, but who knows. I also didn’t “plan” on Rusev becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, so there’s that. Stay tuned, hopefully next week the next episode should be up. And it’s going to be a doozy!

World Heavyweight Champion: Rusev (RAW)
WWE Champion: Randy Orton (Smackdown)
United States Champion: Seth Rollins (RAW)
Intercontinental Champion: Randy Savage (Smackdown)
NXT Champion: Finn Balor
Diva’s Champion: Brie Bella
Tag Team Champions: Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston
Money in the Bank Holder: Luke Harper

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