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Published on November 24th, 2015 | by Don Parsons


WWE 2K16 – CSW Ep. 1 – Extreme Rules 2015

Welcome to Critically Sane Wrestling. Before I start, feel free to skim over the introduction, located here. This is the first PPV of the series, and I learned a few things as I ran down the card.

Match 1: Brie Bella defeated Nikki Bella (Champion) for the Diva’s Championship


First, when I opened the card and saw this, I had to read the match twice to make sure I was reading this properly. But, I was. I played as Nikki Bella, and this was an Extreme Rules match. I have to admit, after ten minutes of some serious back and forth, Brie Bella finally eclipsed her sister and ended her reign. I was a little disappointed that I lost, but as far as the faux-federation is concerned, it’s a pretty interesting shift for the Diva Championship, so I’ll take it.

Match 2: Batista defeated Steven Regal

A filler match that probably should have opened the card, especially as flat as it was. I played Batista, whom apparently attacked Regal before the match started so I had a heavy head start. Nothing fancy, regular match, was a rival match, and Batista rolled over Regal. Maybe a stepping stone for Batista to chase gold?

Match 3: Woods/Kingston (Champion) defeated Rowan/Harper to retain the Tag Team Championship

I hate tag team wrestling. I simmed this.


Match 4: Ryback defeated Big Show

This SHOULD have been an Intercontinental Title match. But apparently, you can’t change title matches (Note: I later found out how to make this change), and I changed it to a cage match which made it no longer an IC title match. I picked Big Show, as I strongly dislike Ryback and wanted him to lose the title, but that backfired on multiple levels. First, this was my first cage match, so that jackass escaped rather quickly. Second, and more importantly, it wasn’t for the IC title anyways. Oh well, maybe next PPV, Ryback…

Match 5: Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan

Also, this should have been for the World Heavyweight Title, but I couldn’t add that stipulation. And it was a last man standing match. At this point, I was still enamored with the strong Bella twins match from the beginning of the show, because nothing was as exciting, even this, and I love Orton. I was scared a few times, but finally put Bryan away with an RKO. I was sad this wasn’t for the title, as a title defense would have made this mean more.

Match 6: Kevin Owens defeated John Cena

I picked Owens, and I have to say, John Cena is one tough sumbitch to beat. I’m pretty sure I had to do two pop-up powerbombs in a row to finally put him away in this rivals match. This match should have closed the show, though. Owens got bloody, both wrestlers hit their finishers multiple times, and much like the Bella match, there was a lot of back and forth and near falls. I felt like I should have earned an achievement for this win.


Match 7: Rusev defeated Seth Rollins (Champion) for the WWE Championship

Opening with a title change, and closing with one. I actually played as Rollins, and lost. I kind of saw this coming though, Rusev controlled the majority of this match. I felt like I was making that winning comeback at one point, but he had 5 reversals saved up and despite some big offense, Rollins was quickly getting manhandled again. This is an interesting dynamic, though. At one point, during his peak, I said Rusev was destined for great things, I guess this is as great as it’s going to get.

That’s it for Extreme Rules. I’m personally looking forward to seeing if Rusev retains, and who Rollins has to face for his secondary title. Come back next week to find out.


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