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Published on September 25th, 2013 | by Chris Scott


Wandering Wednesdays: Join the Pork Side

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more commonplace but sorting through that junk is often pretty difficult. Writing full reviews for mobile games is often tedious and boring but we still want to be able to help you guys out when it comes to figuring out what is worth your time, so sorting through the crud is what Wandering Wednesdays is all about. Each week we’ll look through the app store and try out a few of the latest releases, letting you know if something is worthwhile or not. This week I ran joined the dark side, er… the pork side, played with my toys, did quests as fast as I could and collected loot for Uncle Scrooge.  ~Chris


Rovio has established Angry Birds as one of the most popular brands in gaming. They became so big that last year LucasArts decided to team them with one of the biggest brands in the world Star Wars and Angry Birds: Star Wars was a massive success. Now, a year later, Angry Birds: Star Wars II makes its appearance on the app store. It brings all the great fun of the original, with even more fan service. For fans of Angry Birds or Star Wars this is an easy pick up.


When Disney Infinity launched on consoles last month players were promised an app that would allow them to continue to interact and build in their toy box even when they weren’t in front of their television. Disney Infinity: Toy Box is that app and it mostly works. Controlling characters is a bit wonky but it is something that I was able to get used to but outside of that, building is relatively easy to do. That said, it is a limited version of the toy box and the in-app purchases seem to be slightly overwhelming, being thrown in your face at nearly every turn.


I’m always game for new takes on the RPG genre on iOS, Bravura – Quest Rush is one of those games. Taking the questing aspect of RPGs as well as the quick hit gaming and side-scrolling aesthetic that iOS does so well, Bravura offers a fast paced questing game that has levels that can be complete in just a few moments. It plays pretty well, using wipes for movement and attacks but it is that quick hit gameplay that is the real draw for this game.  


Disney seems to finally have realized that they have Duck Tales in their stable of properties and it is one that people love. Duck Tales: Scrooge’s Loot is the latest in this resurgence but unlike Duck Tales Remastered, which brought classic Duck Tales gaming to the modern era. Scrooge’s Loot brings modern era gaming to Duck Tales, in the form of a multiplayer shooter. It plays well and it is funny to see ducks attacking each other but there is just something off about this game and I don’t particularly like it.

Are you you sampling any mobile titles this week? What are you playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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