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Published on October 23rd, 2013 | by Chris Scott


Wandering Wednesdays: Batman’s First Stand

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more commonplace but sorting through that junk is often pretty difficult. Writing full reviews for mobile games is often tedious and boring but we still want to be able to help you guys out when it comes to figuring out what is worth your time, so sorting through the crud is what Wandering Wednesdays is all about. Each week we’ll look through the app store and try out a few of the latest releases, letting you know if something is worthwhile or not. This week I punched some guys as Batman, went on a surreal text adventure, painted blocks vertically and fired arrows the wrong way.  ~Chris


Warner Bros. is making sure that you can play Batman everywhere, bringing a version of their latest Batman Arkham game, Origins, to iOS. Arkham Origins on iOS is fighting title, which is a bit weird, but it looks pretty, plays decently and most important is free.


Device 6 is the reason I constantly explore the mobile space as it is a title that shines on this platform. Developed by the guys behind the horror title Yearwalk, Device 6 is a unique text adventure that has you navigating a novel, literally. You’ll read through the text (vertically, horizontally, upside down and inside out)as it maps the progression bringing you to interaction points where puzzles need to be solved so one can advance.


Dungeons and Dragons: Arena of War joins a long line of mediocre RPGs on the mobile market. It’s clunky and controls like garbage but it does bring you to some of the most iconic locales in all of the Dungeons and Dragons properties so, there is that.


Dead Pixel takes an endless runner and mixes it with aspects of old school vertical shooters. You’l play as a pixel that needs to paint objects on the screen. To do so, you need to run up along side them and bring them to life, hitting them square on though will cause you to die so it becomes a matter of navigating a minefield of dead pixels while trying to survive and light up the rest of the world.


Are you you sampling any mobile titles this week? What are you playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Arkham Origins is coming to mobile too? Yikes. xD

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