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Published on January 29th, 2015 | by Don Parsons


Three for Thursday: Three Unannounced Games That Need to Happen in 2015

Being as it is still very early in 2015, there is plenty of time for developers to drop bombs on us and leave us salivating for “X game”. There are a lot of games I would love to see come back, but these three in particular I am wanting a little more than others right now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have time to play all of the games coming in 2015 that I know of at the moment, let alone if these three were suddenly announced to come out this fall. That does not stop me from wanting these games more than any of the ones I already know about. Of the three, only two of them I can realistically see happening so let’s start with the most unrealistic of the bunch.


Fallout 4

Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games last generation. Sure, I loved Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim more, but that was because it was a deeper world to dig into, and a lot more little places to get lost in. Or caves to get lost in, for that matter. Either way, the world of Fallout in general appeals to me far more than any other world I have gotten lost in. Elder Scrolls Online is just around the corner for me, as an Xbox One gamer, but announcing a Fallout game would tickle me pink..erm, green. Considering it has now been far too many years since a Fallout game has come out, we are long due Bethesda.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4

Nintendo is kind of known for coming to big events and saying things like, “Super Mario Bros. Y is coming to Wii U. This ambitious game will release in TWO WEEKS!”. Not quite to that degree, but close enough. So I could see them getting on the stage at E3 and announcing a Mystery Dungeon game for this fall. The first two Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games were favorites of mine, probably my favorite spinoffs in my beloved Pokemon series in fact. The story, I felt, was always more intriguing than the wash, rinse, repeat cycle of the main series. And the Mystery Dungeon formula in general is a genre I tend to like a lot. So we got the fantastic remake with enhanced mechanics and every legendary possible in the game last year, this year is the year to get an entertaining story delivered from the Pokemon money factory.


Need for Speed Underground 3

Almost every year, I think this one makes the list. We all know there is a Need for Speed title coming this year, but no details (that I know of) have been announced yet, so there’s still hope! The Crew did a decent job of allowing vehicle customization, but the physics kind of sucked. Sorry, not kind of. They sucked. But even so, I played far more than I normally would have because I was enjoying customizing my Mustang. EA needs to step up to the line and show Ubisoft how it’s done. I want to trick out a car to be fast, look cool, and most importantly, be unique. And not just with dumb decals. Slick body kits, carbon fiber parts, the works. Come on EA.

Those are my most wanted, unannounced games for 2015. Let us know what you want to see announced in the comments below.

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  • Napoleon1066

    Fallout 4… one day… you and I will hang out and it will be awesome.

    • Corey Milne

      Fallout 4 in 2015? Let me come to dream land with you. It sounds wonderful.

    • Chris Scott

      That day will be next year. 🙂

  • Chris Scott

    I want a Gears of War collection. Can I have that? This year? And not broken like Halo was at launch?

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