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Published on October 17th, 2013 | by Don Parsons


Three for Thursday: Most Annoying Things About Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is great. I love it, and have been soaking up as much as I can. It’s really everything I want from a sandbox game, excluding any sort of narrative (which Grand Theft Auto V does extremely well, too, mind you). From hopping off the plane in the introduction to running amok in the open world, GTAO delivers a wonderful sense of being a money hungry, bright-eyed criminal just trying to collect a paycheck. The game has randomly-generated jobs that can be played over and over, a leveling-up system, and things to buy. These are all things I love in a game. But with the good, I have to take the bad. And what that, I present the three most annoying things in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Loading Into a Random Game Upon Booting Up

Rockstar eliminated the Start-up menu all around, opting to just load you straight into the game. That sounds great, but being as there are multiple ways to play an instance in GTAO, being dumped into a random game is a huge waste of time for me. In order to freely roam around myself in a private game, I have to load the single player game and then start an invite only instance. And after all of that, I can finally invite my friends into the game. It’s a load of crap that I have to jump through those hoops simply to play.

The Party System

Another hassle in the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V is the party system. If you just jump into a friend’s job lobby, you aren’t actually in their party. I ended up on the other team with friends multiple times, and it was pretty annoying to say the least. It would be the same as playing a game of Call of Duty and were placed on the opposite team as your friends. I’m okay with playing against friends, but would much rather play on their side. What’s worse, if you decide to quit and find something else to do, it pukes you into different open-world instances. Things were a little better if I took the long way in, starting up single-player then starting an invite-only session. My invited friends would at least come back out into our closed session after we quit playing that round of jobs. This definitely needs to be fixed in the near future.


Random D-Bags

There isn’t much that can be done about this, but I find randoms acting the fool beyond annoying. They are reason I usually start a closed off instance. I love playing in the online world, shaping my own story, and doing so alone. One particular instance, I had just hopped in for a few minutes to make some quick cash while I had some time to kill. I didn’t want to go through all of the hoops of starting a private session, so I stuck with the one I was in. I had jacked a car from an NPC, and was about to take it to the shop to sell it. It turned out, Simien wanted that particular car, so I decided to take the car to him instead of a block away to the auto shop. Halfway to my destination, some ass clown sped down the road and rammed me off into oncoming traffic, causing me to flip and roll a few times. He started spraying me with bullets, but I got away, and sped off to Simiens. I delivered the car, but was aggravated due to the random assault. This is why I play in private sessions. My allotted playing time as an adult with a busy job, a family, and a site to write for leaves me with very little personal time to do things like play GTAO. It’s not that I can’t handle myself in these situations; it’s just that these little gnats are more annoying than anything. Why should I have to deal with annoyances in my free time?

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  • John Tremendol

    and after those d bags annoy you they kick u out of session

  • Napoleon1066

    I think Party System is the big one for me. The other stuff I can put up with if I can stay with my friends.

  • Chris Scott

    I find it more of a hassle to actually boot up GTA Online from the intro load screen than I do to create a private session. If you don’t hit the A button at the exact moment it wants you to, it loads into the single player world. Being as I suck at quick time events, I’ve given up trying to boot into GTA Online and just enter from the menu creating a private session nine times out of ten. As such I generally don’t have to worry about parties or annoying randoms.

    That said, the instance you explained sounds awesome and is why every tenth time I’ll just go for it with randoms. Yeah, I’m sure it was annoying at the time but it made for one hell of an awesome story and sometimes it is those random moments that aren’t created by the game but by others that you have no control over that make multiplayer gaming something special. Too each his own though I guess.

  • lulz

    Technically that situation with the car is how the game is designed. Whenever anyone picks up Simeons requested car, the rest of the serve is notified, and told to try and get it for themselves. You basically put a huge target on yourself by trying to deliver that car to him.

    Also, Passive Mode is your friend, just stay out of cars.

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