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Published on May 31st, 2013 | by Chris Scott


The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 150: Mountains of Questions

It is the big 1-5-0! The crew talks Fuse, their five favorite games so far this year (Tony and Chris are on the same page) and then answer the massive load of questions sent in by you great folks.

Music in this episode:
Strike of the Devil’s Axes OC ReMix by CarboHydroM & LuIzA

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Chris – kariyanine
Amanda – panditty

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  • Napoleon1066

    Jeff’s voice is so sultry….

  • Don Parsons

    I think Gamefly could charge for a “Premium” slot, so pay an extra $5 or something a month, and you can have up to 1 PS4/X1 game at a time (and if you have a three rental plan like myself, 1 next-gen title, and 2 non-next gen titles at a time, or just 3 non next-gen titles, if that makes any sense).

    For once Tony, Chris, and I are on he same page though…Tomb Raider is my favorite game so far this year.

    I had other comments after listening, I just don’t remember them now.

    • Chris Scott

      I suppose what Gamefly does or can do will be dictated by how Microsoft and Sony ultimately handle rentals/used games. My guess is that if they are having to pay a premium to get titles in though, they will pass that on to their customers. I imagine something like what Netflix did with BluRay and charging PS4/XB1 users additional per month if they want to get titles on the new systems.

      • Don Parsons

        Yes, that is what I meant. I should have just said “like Netflix did with BluRay”. -.-

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