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Published on January 22nd, 2016 | by Chris Scott


Super Mario Maker – Best of the Week

I’ve become absolutely obsessed with Super Mario Maker, both creating levels and playing those created by others. But if there is one thing that I’d criticize the game for, it is the lack of good social features to share levels easily. The new web page, Super Mario Maker Bookmark, is a step in the right direction but even then it’s difficult to parse out what your friend’s may or may not like. Recently I joined a facebook group started by a friend, built on the idea of sharing Super Mario Maker levels more directly. Some of the created levels are really, really good. Some are really, really difficult. These are the five best I played this week.

1. Pawnee Commons by Melyni

Level maker Melyni has nine levels up on the Super Mario Maker service right now and Pawnee Commons is her latest effort. Her levels can at times seem a bit trolly (give her Van Smoot House level a go for some absolute frustration), but they all focus on having one key hook that once figured out sparks a light bulb of understanding. Pawnee Commons builds on the theme of having many choices but only one being right. Can you figure it out?

2. Tread Lightly by El Jeffe

Co-founder Jeff’s alter ego El Jeffe posted his latest level this week, and his return to level making was quite enjoyable, if a bit devious. Tread Lightly is a sub location level that will have you gnawing your nails and yelling expletives from the outset. Getting to the checkpoint was key to me finishing it. Can you do it without dying?


3. A Hop, Skip, and a Jump by Terrell

I personally love levels that force you to be precise with your jumps, focusing on core platforming tenets as the main hook. Level maker Terrell’s first level is all about being precise and hitting your marks. I found the end a bit frustrating but completing it was sweet, sweet victory.

4. Can you Hold Your “P”? Hope so by kerri

I considered a lot of levels this week for this feature and all of the ones I thought about I finished, except this one. After navigating the spastic minefield of the first 80%, I’ve made it to nearly the end of the level, and I just can’t figure it out. But, nobody else has figured it out either. As of writing this, the level has been run 213 times with 0 completions. Someone, please, tell me what to do to beat it.

5. Shake Ya Tailfeather by kariyanine

You didn’t think I would forgo a chance to promote my own level creation did you? Shake Ya Tailfeather is the second in my hip-hop themed levels (the first being Jump Around) and people seem to be having some trouble shaking their tailfeathers to get through this one.

I encourage everyone to play the levels, give some stars and constructive feedback, and leave me codes for your own levels. Who knows, maybe next week, I’ll feature it in this same spot.





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