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Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Don Parsons


Releases: Week of September 16- Wonderful Grand Theft Auto

I give the industry credit this week. If you notice, there are only a handful of games coming out. One of those games is something of a spectacle, and publishers know that. Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t have much of a crowd to fight with this week, other than possibly Wonderful 101. But the latter launches on a platform that hasn’t found a fixture in a large portion of homes yet. So, kids, you have a day to finish up everything you want to finish, because if you intend on getting GTA V, that should tide you over until the flood of games next month. Oh, and this marks the first (and possibly only) time in our short life that we all agreed upon a “Pick of the Week”. ~Don P.


One of the highest-profile franchises is coming to stores this week, with Grand Theft Auto V (PS3 & Xbox 360). I can’t fully explain why I am hyped for this game, because I was heartbroken with Grand Theft Auto IV. What I loved about Grand Theft Auto was just running around and doing random stuff at my leisure. I enjoyed the story to Vice City, though it was a clear rip-off of a movie. And I didn’t like the story at all in San Andreas, but the gameplay was still great. Grand Theft Auto IV just felt too real, and the character didn’t resonate with me. Being able to swap between three characters at will seems interesting in GTA5, though I am a little concerned that it will be harder to relate with the characters. Hopefully, Rockstar has some great character building. So while I still have some serious concerns about Grand Theft Auto V, I am shunning the world so I can bask in all of its hopeful-awesomeness.

releases17_ironcladtacticsA card game with no micro-transactions? Taking place in the Civil War? With robots? Wait a second…what? Ironclad Tactics (PC) is all of those things I just mentioned, and looks great to boot. Alternate history scenarios always amuse me, and the fact that this has a co-op campaign as well makes it all the more inviting. Also, Steam Trading Cards. Sold.
releases17_wonderful101Reviews are already out for Nintendo’s first-party IP, Wonderful 101 (Wii U), and they are mostly positive. 100 superheroes (well, counting the player, 101) fight to save Earth and do it by…drawing shapes on the Wii U tablet. I can’t say as that’s my ideal way to save the planet, but I also haven’t played it and if there’s anything I have learned from certain past Nintendo experiences, I prefer not to pass judgement without first-hand experience; the Nintendo DS just waved at me.
releases17_takedownredsaberAs someone who loves tactical shooters, it’s hard for me to find a perfect fix that I used to get by playing SOCOM: Confrontation. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was the last game that came close to scratching that itch, and Takedown: Red Sabre (PC) could be the next. It has a single player mode, a co-op offering, and a multiplayer mode, so it’s a full suite of options for people looking for a slower-paced, tactical shooter.

Also available –

releases17_cloudyCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3DS)
releases17_hotwheelsHot Wheels: World’s Best Driver (PS3, 3DS, Wii U, and Xbox 360)

releases17_foulplayFoul Play (PC, Xbox 360)

releases17_urbantrialUrban Trial Freestyle (PC)
releases17_cognitionCognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 4 – The Cain Killer (PC)

Are you picking up anything this week? Still playing catch up from weeks past? Let us know in the comments below.

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