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Published on August 4th, 2014 | by Don Parsons


Releases: Week of August 5th, 2014

I had a hard time pulling myself away from Rogue Legacy to put this together, so let’s keep this brief. It is a mild week, but that time of year everyone’s wallet hates will soon be upon us! Soak up another week, enjoy the games you have, and pine for Destiny and the final season of Sons of Anarchy. That’s what I’ll be doing…~Don P.

Releases05_mETRICOQuestion: How do you make a puzzle game that appeals to me, a person who does not like puzzle games? Make it revolve around graphs, numbers, and statistics. Numbers and statistics are kind of a weird obsession of mine.  Metrico (Vita) may be on to something, with its bar graphs and pie charts, making it an unusual looking puzzle-platformer for sure.
Releases02_RPGTycoonRPG Tycoon (PC) looks like a blocky, old PC game. But it’s a simulation where you take control of a kingdom and try to create the best kingdom there is by hiring people and making them do quests. RPG Tycoon hits Early Access this week after being Greenlit so if you like getting in on the ground floor of a game being developed, here you go.
Releases05_roadnottakenThe company Spry Fox, who developed a puzzle game I did actually enjoy, Triple Town, is kicking that title up a notch with Road Not Taken (PS4, PC, & Vita). With little knowledge of Road Not Taken, it looks like Spry Fox took the core mechanic of Triple Town and made the new game into more of an adventure game than just a puzzle game.
Releases05_GunsandRobotsIf free-to-play is your scene, Guns and Robots (PC) hits Steam this week. Third-person shooting, customizable robots, and guns compromise this little game. I like the aesthetic to this one, now if only my internet could handle online PC games without much lag.


Also available –

Releases05_swapperSwapper (PS3, Vita, & PS4)

Releases05_TMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3DS)

Are you picking up anything this week? Still playing catch up from last week? Let us know in the comments below.

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