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Published on February 24th, 2016 | by Don Parsons


On the Radar – February 23rd, 2016

This week should be a great week for anyone looking for a new game. Serious gamers can pick up Far Cry: Primal, and people just looking to kill some time, or plants, can snap PvZ Garden Warfare 2. There’s also some other games thrown in the mix. Late February starts to get a little busier leading into the spring mini-rush, so be prepared to keep checking back every week so you don’t miss something..-Don


After the massive success of Far Cry 3, the series entered the upper echelon of AAA franchises, becoming one of Ubisoft’s most valuable IPs. The announcement of Far Cry Primal (PC, PS4, Xbox One) wasn’t a huge shock as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a spin-off success back in 2013. However the fact that Primal is a full release, and not an experimental off-shoot, was surprising. Primal might not re-write everything we know about Far Cry, after all there will probably be bases to capture and towers to climb, but the setting is sure to force some gameplay changes to take place. And that may very well be just what the series needs to avoid getting into the creative rut so many other Ubisoft franchises have fallen into.

OTR23FlameintheFloodWith a team comprised of Bioshock, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band veterens, The Flame in the Flood (Xbox One and PC) already has me hooked with the song from their trailer. The Flame in the Flood is a roguelike survival game following a lady and her dog. There’s also a whimsical art style, so there’s another plus. 

OTR23MMLegacyMighty No. 9 was supposed to be out by now so it’s a little funny that Capcom has beaten Comcept to the punch by releasing a collection of the original blue bomber’s first six adventures. Mega Man Legacy Collection (3DS, PC, PS4, Xbox One) should offer plenty of gaming for fans of the action platformer.  


When the original PvZ Garden Warfare came out, I was pretty hooked. The shooting was good, the levels were fun, the game play in general was just a great time. All of that was coupled with the unlock packs to get more characters and accessories. I spent some time in the beta for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PC, Xbox One, and PS4), and it felt enough like the original with a new spin, that I have a feeling it could lead to a new addiction for me. The added court in the base, where you can take on waves of AI enemies in quick skirmishes for small rewards, was a neat touch, and the new playable characters were refreshing. If you have EA Access, there’s a ten hour trial up.

OTR23MichoneTelltale Games has been a bit hit or miss with their latest lineup of adventure games but a mini-series in their genre re-defining blockbuster series, The Walking Dead, featuring one of the most popular characters in both the comic and television show, seems like a can’t miss. The Walking Dead: Michonne (PC, PS4, Xbox One) really has the chance to be something huge, provided of course it runs well and releases on time, two things that can’t always be assured when dealing with Telltale.
OTR233DSThe special edition New Nintendo 3DS (Pokemon Red and Blue) is going on sale this week. This New 3DS has a style that pays homage to the games that started the Pokemon craze, and comes pre-loaded with the game on virtual console.

Honorable Mentions –

Disgaea PC (PC)
We Are The Dwarves (PC)
Are you picking up anything this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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