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Published on March 10th, 2015 | by Staff


February Games of the Month

Because it is so hard for all of us to get around to playing the same game sometime, we decided to try something a little different this year with out Game of the Month feature. So, we made it our Games of the Month feature. Each staff member has the opportunity to name his favorite game for the previous month and have it get the recognition it deserves. This month we have three nominees.

Total War: Attila – Tony Odett

I think I could be forgiven for coming into Total War: Attila with low expectation. Total War: Rome 2 was a mess, a fun game buried under a host of bugs. I initially reviewed that effort after a month of patches, and while I was entertained, I still felt mired in an experience that was not nearly on par with the game’s lofty predecessors. Now, after many hours with Attila, I can delightfully say that all is forgiven. The engine and principles from the Rome 2 work perfectly in this setting, with not a bug to be seen. Guiding my Visigoths on their migration, sacking under-defended cities while dodging the might of Rome was pure joy. The AI seemed to work to hunt me down, attempting to cut off my escape at every turn. Eventually, the chase ended, hundreds of miles away, as I settled my tribe in the south of Gaul, and transitioned to a completely new strategy experience, moving from survivalist to conqueror. The game’s tribal management systems constantly provide new challenges, and the real time battles are as fun and as beautiful as ever. This is a new strategy experience, and a fine entry into the Total War pantheon.


Homeworld Remastered Collection – Cyrus Fayazi

Homeworld: Remastered Collection is a remastered game that stands out among the sea of other titles. With the original being released in 1999, the game itself has been greatly improved in the visual department with detailed ships and stunning backgrounds. Everything else has stayed more or less the same which isn’t a bad thing because the game was nearly perfect. The soundtrack, with its melancholy atmosphere, can turn very violent quick as enemies approach which creates a true sense of danger and intensity. The gameplay itself is fantastic as tactics are truly needed as you come closer and closer to the end. To be blunt, any RTS fan would do themselves a disservice by not playing this masterpiece.


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – Jeff Derrickson

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is yet another great 2D platformer from Nintendo, except this time you don’t have direct control over the pink puffball. Using the Wii U gamepad’s touchscreen, you draw paths for Kirby and tap him to make him move. Beautiful and challenging throughout, the game makes no sacrifices or concessions for your limited control. Instead, you must learn and master a new way of playing a platformer in order to succeed.

Those are our games of the month, what are yours?

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