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Published on February 18th, 2015 | by Staff


2015 Video Game Power Rankings: February

It has been a slow start to the year so far, but even so, we have some movement on the second set of power rankings for the year. (Last month’s rankings)

8t. Batman: Arkham Knight (10 points, -1 position change) – It is next gen Batman: that alone justifies it being on this list. Yet we are skeptical that maybe it is simply the same Batman on a different stage.

8t. The Legend of Zelda WiiU (10 points, -1 position change, 1 first place vote) – Even though Jeff didn’t really like the last 3D Zelda game, he is highly optimistic that this new Zelda is the revitalization the series has been waiting for. I’m not sure the rest of us are true believers though.

8t. Galactic Civilization III (10 points, -1 position change, 1 first place vote) – Tony isn’t content with just conquering the known world: he wants the entire galaxy. (Universe, Chris. I want the universe. – editor)


5t. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (11 points, new) – Chris and Fozzy really want something good to play on their PS4s. Hopefully Nate doesn’t steal that opportunity from them like he did in Uncharted 3.

5t. Tom Clancy’s The Division (11 points, +2 position change, 1 first place vote) – It has the potential to be really cool, which is why Don is pumped for it, but it could also just be another Ubisoft open world game where you have to activate radio towers.

5t. Final Fantasy XV (11 points, new, 1 first place vote) – Final Fantasy XV is the big one. The game either knocks it out of the park and revitalizes the franchise, or takes a dump and buries the series once and for all.


4. Star Wars: Battlefront (14 points, no change) – 2015 is the year of Star Wars, DICE better not mess this one up or there will be hell to pay.

3. Halo 5: Guardians (25 points, no change, 1 first place vote) – Four of the five guys that vote on these power rankings love Halo. The fifth may end up dead by the end of the year. (I’m going to miss Don.- editor)

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (30 points, -1 position change) – Weirdly, despite our near universal anticipation for The Witcher 3, the game drops out of the top spot after one month. But I think that has more to do with…

1. Rise of the Tomb Raider (31 points, +1 position change) – …the fact that we are really excited for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

If you had to predict your top 10 list at the end of 2015, what would it look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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